A full day of action and excitement requires active and excited volunteers. In recent years we have had to run a short program because we didn’t have enough help with preparation and day-of activities. This year the Derby Car Races have been affected by a lack of volunteers. If you feel passionate about losing some of these time-honored traditions, please volunteer.

We need people who can lead and people who just want to lend an extra hand. Teen volunteers are encouraged to help out too.


  1. Gutterboat Building Workshop

    Napier’s front yard at 5517 33rd Ave NE

    A fun and easy project for kids of all ages. Young children are welcome. Carving assistance will be available. An adult must be present with children under 12 years.

    What to Bring to the Workshop

    If you have the following, please bring small carving or craft tools, sandpaper and x-acto knives. Nail polish is used to decorate the gutterboats.

    What We Will Supply

    Balsa gutterboat blanks, instructions, and some limited paint colors.

    What if I Can’t Make the Workshop

    If you are unable to come to the workshop, you may also make one on your own and bring it. Contact Amanda to see if she has any extra blanks you can pick up and shape and paint on your own.

    Make sure your boats have enough space to hold a small dot ID sticker.

  1. Deliver breakfast to tables

  2. Parade Lineup at 33rd and 60th in front of church

  3. Breakfast potluck curbside

    • Please bring a dish to share
    • Coffee provided
  4. Gutterboat Regatta registration

  5. Street Activities

    • Arts & crafts
    • Preschool games
    • Face/arm/nail painting
    • Chalk art
    • Cornhole
    • Whiffle ball
    • Scavenger hunt
    • Donut games
  6. Relay Races

  7. Lunch

  8. Gutterboat Regatta & popsicles

  9. Water balloon toss & watermelon-eating contest

  10. Street clean-up

    Everybody's help needed!